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Meeting Report November 30th

Hi BPS Members,

Martin welcomed our speaker and judge for the evening, Jane Kearney.
He followed by welcoming two prospective new members, William and Karen, pointing out that we will do our best to help them in their endeavour to improve their photography skills.
Martin then ran through our next few meeting details before handing over to Jane.
Jane started by reminding members that the results this evening were her personal views and hoped that members would consider her recommendations and find them helpful.

Monthly competition [Prints - Open and Digital – Creative].
Jane was impressed by the entries and, as always, gave us great feedback. Here are the top five in each section:

1st place Martin Barber ‘Washday’
2nd Brian Sweeting ‘Great Spotted Woodpecker’
3rd Ian Barrow ‘Time to Reload’
4th Martin Barber ‘Meeting’
5th Peter Owen ‘A400M’

1st Tom Meacham ‘Fantasy Falls’
2nd & 3rd places Jim Goddard ‘Life’s Journey’ and ‘Halloween Spirit’
4th Keith Perry ‘Forged from the Forest’
5th place Mike Cook ‘Red Moon’

Jane praised a number of other high quality entries from Barry, Ken H and Ian. Well done everyone, another good monthly competition with prizes well shared out.

Best wishes,

Meeting report 28th September

28th Monthly competition:
Print (Open); Digital (Power); - Judge Susanne Akerstrom

What a great start to our winter season of competitions.
Despite being a lower entry than previous years due to the reduced number of members, the overall quality was excellent and possibly better than we have previously seen.
Hopefully some members will make a return at our live meetings which starts again next week. I think we can all agree that Susanne did a thoroughly professional job in her very detailed critique. I hope you listened closely to her comments because there was a lot of information there for any of us to learn from and gain insight into what judges look for in an entry.

Prints; subject ‘Power’
1st Graham Treharne, ‘King of the Jungle’
2nd Martin Barber, ‘Power to the Women’
3rd Jim Goddard, ‘Gun and Rose’
4th Tom Meacham, ‘Man Power’
5th Jim Goddard, ‘Bowie’.

Digital; subject ‘Open’
1st Martin Barber, ‘Working lives’
2nd Brian Sweeting, ‘Wryneck’
3rd Ian Barrow, Compstone Milky way’
4th Brian Sweeting, ‘The race is on’
5th Keith Perry, ‘Work to the bone’

Top five in both competitions will be posted to our website 2021/22 competition gallery

Next Week October 5th: Member’s Evening
We return to live meetings

We are asking all members to make a contribution to the evening. Please do your best to show us what you got up to during the closed season.
Please take time to read the above guidelines for a safe return to meetings.

October Monthly competition entries close at this meeting:
Print subject is ‘Mood’; Digital subject is ‘Open’

Both Competitions must be entered in digital form through the Success website which is now open for entries.
Success Website

Please bring the actual prints to the meeting next week or, if unable to attend, make arrangements for collection by another Member living near to you if possible.

General Information & Future Events
October 2nd Bridgwater & Albion Rugby. Kick off 3 pm, if you are interested in coming along please PM me for the password to gain free entry.
October 10th Hill climbing bike racing at Rally’s Cross. When details have been finalised I will post to our FB group for events.

How to join our zoom meeting; ID 86940945021; P'wd = #####
Zoom Meeting

Best wishes, see you all next Tuesday