What did you make of it?

Anyone who picked up their memory stick have by default included a folder named ‘what you made of it’ where you will find a selection of start images to be used individually, selectively or combined for your entry to our internal what you made of it competition being held on Tuesday 8th January.

Entries to be digital formatted as a normal club competition. This is intended to encourage us to try improving straight images post processing, as well as doing something different with a complete, combination or part of an image. As the evening is aimed at being both informative and fun, our Chairman will give a nominal seasonal prize to what he considers to be the a} best improved portrayal of the original image b) best manipulated &/or combined image and c) best award for effort or trying!

If you have not yet got the start images they can be found via link https://wetransfer.com/downloads/1f0ee7e3c36e2d55747f1013ba4086ae20181130130712/59a1f7

Regards Martin