Newsletter 21st March 2020

Hi BPS members

I hope you are all well especially those who need to practice self-isolation/social distancing. However, I have what I consider to be good news for you all, which is something we could all do with. Martin has been exploring the possibility of holding on-line competitions and maybe virtual club meetings. Trials are taking place at the moment and it’s likely to be available in a day or two.

We will start using the new online software for our annual ABC competition. I understand that some of you have already prepared your entry, those who haven’t done so please do your best to prepare your entry and upload within the next week or so.

Martin will be uploading an invite and instructions to all members complete with the club code on our FB group and also via email to be sent on Monday.

Future events

St Mary’s Bells members will receive an invite if and when the installation goes ahead again. It will be up to you whether to attend or not.

Please keep an eye open for invites and further information on our FB closed group.

Best wishes