Newsletter 13th March 2020

Hi BPS members

Meeting Report March 10th

This week we welcomed Mike Martin with his talk: ‘Shooting People, Capture to Completion. I really enjoyed this and so did many other members despite the complexity of the demonstration of how he processes his final images for printing. I doubt if many members took in completely his process of Photoshop editing, however, he showed what is possible and we can be encouraged to go away and learn for ourselves at own pace. I think this happens quite often during meetings that include technical details. If any member needs further help please let me know and if I can’t help myself, I will know a man who can! During the break he talked about and answered questions on, the appropriate use of different types of photo paper showing us examples.

Next week’s Meeting info

Practical - Creative Table top, let’s use our cameras and take some unusual images e.g. smoke, water and oils etc, I suggest that you bring a tripod, flash and lights, if you have them! Neil and Tom have a few set ups to demonstrate and for members to use. If you have any items or set ups that could help create an unusual image, please bring them along.

Ken will require your entries for the last of the season’s monthly competition: Prints = Open; Digital = Creative/Altered image.

Future events

Bridgwater & Albion 1st team are playing at home on Saturday, kick off at 3pm. Let me know if you intend coming please.

March 25th. Somerset Rebels Press & Practice Open Day, starting at 3pm. We are welcome to go along to see, meet and photograph their new team members.

Please keep an eye open for invites on our FB closed group and tick if you want to join in.

Best wishes