Newsletter 6th March 2020

Hi BPS members

Meeting Report March 3rd BPS v Taunton CC

What can I say! the silence in the room and occasional shaking of heads spoke for itself regarding the scores and positions given by our stand-in judge, Peter Fry. He did give some useful ideas on how he saw our entries and ways we could have improved them, quite a few getting remarks such as “work in progress”. However, it soon became apparent that he liked simple pictorial prints and images and paid no regard to the technical and high quality achieved in many of the entries and had a particular dislike of wildlife entries unless they were simple or told a story. I spoke to some of the Taunton members after the judging had finished and although pleased to have won, they stated that they had never previously witnessed such a bizarre demonstration of judging. So, needless to say, we got a thorough beating because many of our entries were wildlife shots. Taunton outscored us by over 20 points in the prints and 6 in the digital section. Congratulations to Peter Owen who was awarded the top spot in the digital section.

Next week’s Meeting info

Mike Martin: Live Lecture, Shooting People, Capture to Completion - this is an open meeting so please tell your friends. If we can encourage more people to attend our open meetings it will help to cover the high costs of speakers.

Future events

The WCPF Members Exhibition entry closes tomorrow, March 7th. PM me for further info if required.

Bridgwater & Albion 2nd team are playing at home on Saturday, weather permitting, kick-off at 3pm. Let me know if you intend coming, please.

There are a few events posted on our FB closed group please keep an eye open and tick if you want to join in.

Martin is still looking for members who can give us a short presentation about their interest in photography. Can you all consider having a go, please? It can cover any subject within photography and need not fill an entire evening. If not this year please consider having a go next season.

Best wishes