Newsletter 20th February 2020

Hi BPS members,

Meeting Report February18th

This week Ian Barrow presented “Me and my photography” starting back in the 90’s Ian bought his first camera from a work colleague and due to his Motocross career started shooting the riders. Ian went back to racing for a period before again picking up the camera, his images in Motocross were clearly loved as he was invited to photograph for sports magazines and his photography in this field took him all the way to the world championships track side of course. I found it interesting to see how much Ian’s images changed through his career and his “get close and get low” style really makes the racers pop and offers a perspective that truly adds drama. I don’t suppose many of us really knew Ian’s back ground nor his photography journey and it was a pleasure to hear.

Andy White presented the final update to the gift book for his bowls club, it looked very professional with a very good finish at a relatively cheap price.

Brian Sweeting presented some insider details of local wildlife photo opportunities focusing on Steart marsh, he shared coming approximate dates of bird species arrivals to the area along with pictures of said birds, Brian spoke with such passion and excitement I even started to feel excited.

Future Meeting info

Next week we have our monthly competition review and results, to be judged by Mac Chivers

Martin is still looking for members who can give us a short presentation of their interests in photography. Can you all consider having a go, please? It can cover any subject within photography and need not fill an entire evening. If not this year please consider having a go next season

Future events

Bridgwater & Albion Ladies rugby on Sunday coming, see FB group for details

March 5th. St Mary’s Bells visit to the foundry at Loughborough, please contact Martin if you wish to go

There are a few events posted on our FB closed group please keep an eye open and tick if you are going.

Best wishes

Brian & Tom