Newsletter 13th February 2020

Hi BPS members

Meeting Report February 11th

Gary Holpin did a great job in promoting the South West Coastal Path and, judging by the reception he received, his talk went down pretty well with the members present. Gary took us along the coastal trail (blisters and all) from Minehead to the Cornish border giving details and showing us some great images taken on his journey. After the break, he continued by taking us from Plymouth to Poole along the south coast the most interesting part of his talk in my opinion. It looks like there are several very interesting coastal towns and villages to visit in this area which I knew nothing about, providing food for thought regarding future summer trips. Suggestions welcome, please!

WCPF held its DPIC Selection Day last Sunday. I don’t believe any of our members attended the judging day, however, results are available on our FB group page. Sadly, we dropped six places this year finishing in 18th place. This was still a very credible entry as, with just 5 more points, we would have been in the top 12 again. Never mind, there’s always next year. WE do, however, need your very best images so please get out there and find some great shots whenever possible.

Next week February 18th – Presentations: “Me and My Photography” will be presented by Ian Barrow taking us through his life in photography. I’m certain we will see some great action shots taken of motorbike racing. If Ian finishes his talk early, I will be filling in with my take on photography during “Spring and Summertime in Somerset”. This will give details of where and when I go to get some of my monthly competition entries. I will include a little time to discuss our WCPF Kingswood Salver entry. I have received a few suggestions and we need to get on with this.

Future Meeting info

Martin is still looking for members who can give us a short presentation of their interests in photography. Can you all consider having a go, please? It can cover any subject within photography and need not fill an entire evening.

This weekend we are organising another trip to watch and photograph the Bridgwater & Albion 2nd team. The main problem looks like it will be the weather which, if you believe the forecast, is most likely to be cancelled.

There are a few events posted on our FB closed group please keep an eye open and tick if you are going.

Best wishes