Newsletter 23rd January 2020

Hi BPS members

Annual Portrait Evening report: Three models and three separate studio setups allowed us to have, what members considered was the best portrait shoot ever. It was not our best turnout of members for sure but those who did venture out in pretty bad weather conditions thoroughly enjoyed the evening. What helped some members was the availability of flash triggers, provided by the club, allowing Nikon and Canon users to have a go. Before our next studio set up, we hope to be in a position to buy more triggers to allow Fuji and Panasonic users to take a full part at each studio location. Many words of thanks have been posted to those members who allowed us to use their equipment and shared their knowledge on our FB group.

Another a reminder - we plan to enter the WCPF Kingswood Salver competition, details are available on our FB group events page. Volunteers are needed and we need your subject suggestions so that we can move this entry forward.

Remember!!! Next Tuesday, January 28th we have our monthly competition review and results. Jane Kearney is our judge this month, as we know from the past, she puts a great deal of time and effort into giving a fair critique on every single entry. I’m looking forward to seeing what members have entered in the ‘Juxtaposition’ digital competition. It should be fun to see members different interpretations of this new competition subject. I am not sure whether I will get away with some of my entries. However, I like them and that’s the main thing to remember when taking any sort of photograph. While on the competition subject Ken tells me that quite a few members didn’t complete their entries correctly, please take care in the future and if in doubt regarding the rules please let Ken or myself know. Entries must have an entry form (I always have some) digital size 1600px x1200px set as an sRGB profile with correct image number and title followed _membership number. eg. 001 Juxtaposition_017

Four members enjoyed the super weather for the shoot at the Bridgwater & Albion rugby match last Saturday. Loads of images have been shared on the B&AFC Facebook page as well as on our own group page. I will post details of the next home match to give other members a chance to have a go

Future Meeting info

February 4th Nifty 50 – a fun internal competition making images with a 50mm lens, or equivilant.

February 11th Live Lecture – Coast by Gary Hoplin. Also (Entry for Monthly Competition required) 18th Live Lecture - Me and My Photography with some of our club members.

Please remember to keep an eye open for new events on our FB group pages.

Happy Snapping Brian