Newsletter 13th January 2020

Hi BPS members

What a thought-provoking meeting we had on Tuesday. At first, I thought Ben was going to bore us with his lengthy introduction to time-lapse photography. However, once I paid attention, my imagination kicked in and I could imagine myself in a number of locations not too far away from here where I could have a go at this type of photography. I shall waste no time in finding out if my camera is suitable. I would love to see this included in a future meeting or within the summer programme when we can all be challenged to have a go. After the break, Martin gave us details of future meetings. Please bring your camera next week as we are holding a model shoot. The club has purchased a couple of triggers and they will be available to use with the lighting equipment, should be fun! Thanks to Peter and Neil for allowing us to use their studio equipment. Ben then continued his talk by giving details of the equipment required to achieve time-lapse photography and showed us some more very impressive time-lapse sequences. He also pointed out that by stacking sequences of images they become very effective especially when having a go at astronomy shots.

Just a reminder of our plan to enter the WCPF Kingswood Salver competition, details are available on our FB group events page. Volunteers are needed please.

Remember!!! Next Tuesday, January 21st we have our portrait evening.

Future Events

Bridgwater & Albion have invited approximately half dozen members to their home game on Saturday next (3pm kick off). Please click “going” on our FB group page or contact me direct because you will need the password to get into to the ground free of charge. I plan to be there a bit early to have a pint before kick-off and hope you will join me to discuss how we cover as many angles of the game as possible.

Please remember to keep an eye open for new events on our FB group pages.

Happy Snapping