Newsletter 17th December 2019

Tuesday sees our last get together before the Christmas/New Year break and as such is a social open meeting for those able to attend. Please see the list of ideas below and come along with contributions towards the evenings events.

  • Bring some light refreshments on a share basis, for us to partake mid evening.
  • All I want for Christmas, lets share or demonstrate your best use or best value photographic accessory that you’d recommend is put on any photographers Christmas list?
  • Just don’t bother, as above but tell of any items that were really a waste of time and best left off the list!
  • Picture Caption Competition, send me in advance any digital pictures you may have that are begging for an amusing caption. We will let members suggest captions, and collectively decide the best, most witty or amusing suggestions.
  • Share an Audio Visual or image, time to share a new or preloved AV or favourite image.
  • Allocation of ABC completion letters.
  • Lets create a list of potential Competition Subjects.
  • The item that most confuses me, time to loosen up and confess what button or function really has you bamboozled, you will probable find your not alone, but can anyone else give a believable answer.
  • Share a technique or Anything else you’d like to contribute.

For those not attending, have a great Christmas and don’t forget to prepare for the internal and monthly competitions in January.

Regards Martin