Newsletter 26th November 2019

Hello Members

November 26th meeting report

So…. the 3rd competition of the season happened and as always top work was entered by all giving our stand in Judge, Malcolm MacNaughton quite the challenge. Malcolms thoughts and feedback on the images was nicely straight forward he made it clear what he liked and disliked and kept the language simple. He didn’t half hold some images back though half way through the prints and there was more held back then on the wall, perhaps a real show of the amount of high standard work presented.

Print speed/movement

  1. Spinning through time - Andy White
  2. Wipe out - Leigh Ann Van Aswegen
  3. Bridgwater U14’s Rugby - Martin Barber
  4. Level with the horizon - Ian Barrow
  5. Grass track racer - Roger Tibbles
Highly Commended
  • Barn owl hunting at dusk - Brian Sweeting
  • Wintering Redwing - Brian Sweeting
  • Just add Ice - Andy White

Digital open

  1. Bad Guy - Ian Barrow
  2. Just landed - Graham Treharne
  3. The Acrobat - Graham Treharne
  4. Gannet - Keith Perry
  5. My Hut - Tom Meacham
Highly Commended
  • Day dreamer - Andy White
  • Monument to the Stars - Ian Barrow
  • Artic tern - Peter Owen

December 3rd meeting info

We host the annual Sedgemoor Battle Yeovil vs Mid Somerset vs Bridgwater, a challenge not to be missed can we retain the trophy? Xmas meal outstanding payments need to be settled next week please.

Future Club Events

Starting Monday 9th December - For upto a week existing bell removal. Thursday 12th December - Second bell casting @ Loughborough need to confirm who is attending, please advise Martin if interested.

Basic Tuition Workshop Saturday 7th December at 9.30am should be posted on Facebook group to confirm attendance, we are looking for a familiar Nikon user to support please let Martin know.

All future club meeting information will be added to our closed Facebook Group with personal invites to events being sent to you. Please check regularly on this Facebook Page for event activity.

Happy snapping