Newsletter 12th November 2019

Hello Members

November 12th meeting report

Martin Started our evening with a DVD from Canon on the subject of lighting, thankfully Martin saved us from the whole 2 hours and 30 minutes of it. Showing us what he felt were the more important parts, including how natural lighting changes depending on where you are in the world, the season, the time of day and of course the weather. The DVD also gave examples of the best subjects to shoot using all the different conditions to your advantage and also complimenting them with artificial lighting when required, it then touched on white balance settings and advised on where to focus the metering when taking the image. There was a short negotiation on watching the final part of the DVD and as it was only 13 minutes long all who were awake agreed.

Peter completed our evening with a lecture on artificial lighting, cue cards and all in an attempt to stay on track, but after just the first card we digressed a little, Peter unfazed got right back to it explaining flash lighting duration and how to read the buyers guide on the subject. Many in the front row went home slightly more tanned as Peter demonstrated the big one and explained why a more powerful flash is of benefit allowing us to use it at a much lower power allowing us to get a much shorter flash duration to freeze the subject and of course to be able to repeatedly flash for long periods without having to wait. We were then shown a simple flash set up with a stand, umbrella, small flash gun and a remote trigger. Martin was definitely not shy on activating the flash, everyone had a go as the remote was passed around Keith carried out a fine test of the range as he took a walk up the road with it. Peter continued with further explanation on triggering, zoom flash, flash combination to increase the power but not the duration and when to use a flash.

It was a very fun, enjoyable and relaxing evening thank you Martin and Peter.

Next weeks meeting info

Members lecture evening, our own well travelled photographer Graham gives us a glimpse of some of his adventures and photographs taken in the UK and around the world.

Future Club Events

Thursday 21st November - Tree planting 9:30 @ Rhode Farm. Starting Monday 9th December - For upto a week existing bell removal. Thursday 12th December - Second bell casting @ Loughborough need to confirm who is attending, please advise Martin if interested.

1st Basic Tuition Workshop; (Does the camera lie? Basic Exposure, Aperture, Shutter control, and Histogram) Peter has arranged to hire the club room on November 23rd, meeting starts at 9.30am and runs until lunchtime, see FB group page for details. Tea and coffee will be available. Please indicate on the FB event invite, accepting or declining would be helpful. As we get charged for the hire of the room etc, £3.50 on the door should cover the hire costs.

All future club meeting information will be added to our closed Facebook Group with personal invites to events being sent to you. Please check regularly on this Facebook Page for event activity.

Happy flashing