Newsletter 2nd November 2019

Hi BPS Members

Critique Night

Firstly, I apologise for being a couple of days late in sending this newsletter. My hobbies clashed this week - completing the construction of my club’s carnival cart being the priority.

This week Ken took over the role of chairman as Martin was not available. He started proceedings by asking members to split into small groups and debate the prints on view. It was good to see so many members present and it looked like everyone got involved, giving their opinions on each print. In the past, this was the type of meeting that failed to get support from members but if you wish to learn how to improve your chances in competitions it is exactly the sort of meeting that will help! I can only speak for the table I was on where, as well as discussing topics such as focus and composition, we analysed the likely settings that were used. This can be helpful especially if you are not very experienced when it comes to camera settings. For me, the best shot and the best technical print on display was Peter’s shot taken in the bell tower at St Mary’s. The print showed all the details on the bell and mechanism but all of the brickwork and construction of the bell room itself. It was taken using a flash followed by a long exposure - a brilliant shot. Thanks, Peter!

Ken reminded members about our upcoming events and thanked members for bringing a good number of DPIC entries for next week’s meeting when we will be asked to act as judges and award marks in just 5 seconds. It will be good fun and once again we hope to analyse the entries.

Future Club Events

Peter gave us details of the proposed meetings which are mainly designed to give guidance to newer members but are open to all members who think they may benefit. The first meeting will cover basic camera settings, concentrating on exposure. I will be there because for certain I will learn something new. With Peter’s help I will create an event on our FB group page which will invite every member. It will give us an idea of members who wish to come and, of course, we will need at least 6 to make it financially viable to hire the room.

Martin has sent members an email giving further information on the St Mary’s Church Bells project, We have 6 seats reserved on the coach going to the foundry at Loughborough on November 14th. The coach leaves Bridgwater at 8am returning at 8pm at a cost of £20, contact Martin or myself for further information if you wish to go. I believe we have 3 spare seats still available.

Our annual Christmas meal has been booked for December 10th at the Harvest Moon North Newton, please let me know if you are coming via the event I have posted in our Facebook group. Deposits of £7.50 are required at our next meeting, it can be paid to Peter or bank transfer. If you haven’t accepted or declined your invitation from the FB event please do so. Members are welcome to bring family or friends.

All future club meeting information will be added to our closed Facebook Group with personal invites to events being sent to you. Please check regularly on this Facebook Page for event activity.

Best wishes