Newsletter 24th October 2019

Hi Members

Monthly competition report

Martin welcomed Peter Fry, thanking him for taking on our judging engagement at very short notice. Peter started by explaining how he had allocated the marks and pointed out that the results represented his decision alone. However, he said that when entering competitions the rules should be adhered to. He said that he had enjoyed judging our entries and the variety of subject matter covered. He considered that they all had merit but was a little concerned about some of the mount boards, tape and adhesives used. I, for one, felt a little uncomfortable at times because the points allocated were extremely low compared to many given by other judges and what we recommend. We did ask him to take into consideration that we have several new members entering for the first time and if necessary make allowances. We asked for a fair critique and recognition of the good points as well as pointing out any issues that would improve the entry. Having said all this, I think that his final selection of prints and digital entries were about right and just about any of those could have taken the top spots.

Prints: Congratulations to Andy White 1st Ian Barrow 2nd Brian Sweeting 3rd Peter Owen 4th and 5th Andy White, two highly commended awards.






Digital: Congratulations to Yours truly(Brian Sweeting) 1st Andy White 2nd. Ian Barrow 3rd. Andy White 4th. Ian Barrow 5th Highly commended Barry Freeborn and Martin Barber.






Next week’s Meeting Information

We have our yearly critique evening, can all members please bring a few prints for discussion and similarly if you have any digital images that you would like members’ opinions on please bring them. If time permits, with reference to the judge’s comments last week, maybe we can demonstrate how easy it is to add effects to lighting etc. For new members, if you need help in any way, bring your cameras. We will arrange for someone to help you and maybe share your problems with other members for discussion.

We also need each member to submit up to twenty digital images on their club memory stick for the following week’s meeting when we hold another annual members DPIC competition. All entries to be named as usual 1600px x 1200px please. If in doubt please ask

Message from Ken Hocking, Battle Selection Officer

Ken has now given me the names of members who have had their digital images shortlisted for the upcoming battle competitions. Congratulations to the following members: Peter Owen, Keith Perry, Tom Meacham, Andy White, Jane Billings, Ian Barrow, Leigh Ann, Ken Hocking and myself.

Members who had prints selected and have not yet passed them to Ken, please bring them to our next meeting. If you are using an old print please make sure print and its mount are in excellent condition.

Future Club Events

Sorry to repeat myself: Our plan to provide basic camera settings, techniques or photo editing sadly has not move forward. As said we plan to run on a Friday evening or Saturday morning. Peter has informed me that the first meeting will cover exposure. Please let me know if you prefer Friday evening or Saturday morning.

The St Mary’s Church Bells project continues this Saturday coming. Please see our FB page events for further information.

Our annual Christmas meal has been booked for December 10th at the Harvest Moon North Newton, please let me know if you are coming via the event I have posted in our Facebook group.

All future club meeting information will be added to our closed Facebook Group with personal invites to events being sent to you. Please check regularly on this Facebook Page for event activity.

Best wishes