Newsletter 18th October 2019

Hi Members

October 15th Meeting report

What an excellent evening’s entertainment Jane Kearney presented us with. She told us of her journey in photography ‘Wildlife to Creativity’. It soon became obvious that Jane had put a massive amount of passion and effort into her work in order to reach the level of expertise she has achieved. In her talk, she lead us through her life from her owning her first basic camera as a child until becoming a very respected judge and lecturer. She gave us an insight to her extensive travels and details of the many hours put into her work covering just about every subject imaginable.

Next week’s Meeting Information

The Monthly Competition will be judged by Peter Fry who kindly agreed to help us out when we were let down by the original judge at short notice: Prints – Open and DI – The Coast. Peter is an experienced judge and a committee member of the WCPF.

Message from our Battle Selection Officer Ken Hocking

As agreed at the AGM, a small sub-committee has been formed to make the selections so Peter Owen, Tom Meacham and Keith Perry will be joining me in this task.

Congratulations to the following members who have had their prints selected to form the basis of our interclub battle competitions this year. Information on Digital selection will be announced at our next meeting

Martin Barber. Determination, Puffin Duel, Loss Reflection. Roger Tibbles: Psyche delicate Attraction. Andy White: Skyline Pavilion, On Point, Winged Hunter. Ian Barrow: Over the Top, Holeshot, Jim Goddard: In a Mirror Darkly. Keith Perry. Queue to the feeder, Hip Hop, Catch me if you can. Peter Owen: Smilie face, Soldier of fortune. Brian Sweeting: Chalk hill blues, Howzat, Attack, Avocet, Look into my eyes.

Please do your best to bring along your entry on Tuesday, make sure that if using an old print that the mount and general print is in excellent condition

Future Club Events

Our plan to provide basic camera settings, techniques or photo editing sadly did not move forward at the last meeting, mainly due to our newer members not being at the meeting. As said we plan to run on a Friday evening or Saturday morning. Peter has informed me that the first meeting will cover exposure. Please let me know if you prefer Friday evening or Saturday morning.

The St Mary’s Church Bells project continues this Saturday coming. Please see our FB page events for further information.

Our annual Christmas meal has been booked for December 10th at the Harvest Moon North Newton, please let me know if you are coming via the event I will be posting on our Facebook group.

All future club meeting information will be added to our closed Facebook Group with personal invites to events being sent to you. Please check regularly on this Facebook Page for event activity.

Best wishes