Newsletter 8th October 2019

Hi Members

October 8th Meeting report

The main event of the evening was a DVD of the London Salon Exhibition. It was an excellent presentation and provided us with a look at some unique images that lead to a discussion on our likes, dislikes or inspirations. Many members including myself found this very thought-provoking. To be fair most of the images were compositions depicting various forms of art. We include such evenings in the programme to encourage you to think out of the box when you are planning a photography trip. Remember, it’s often the unusual picture that appeals to the judges.

On the topic of judges, Ken has found it necessary to reduce the number of digital entries entered this month due to there being 72. Although it is very encouraging to see so many of you having a go, such high numbers make it impossible for the judge to give all the entries a full and frank critique. Taking on board judges’ comments are a very good way for us to improve our photography (well most of the time)

Martin gave a brief presentation containing images taken by members who attended the foundry at Loughborough to witness and photograph the casting of the first new bell for St Mary’s Church. This project is ongoing and we will have an opportunity to visit the church to take more photographs in November.

October 15th Meeting Information

Jane Kearney presents ‘Wildlife to Creative’

Next week we will welcome our monthly featured professional with a live lecture. Jane judged one of our monthly competitions during the last winter season and impressed us all with her enthusiasm and detailed critique. As is the norm, to help cover the costs we are opening this meeting to the public and we encourage you to invite friends, family and work colleagues to come and join us. Members of the public will be charged £5 and members of other local camera clubs just £4 (a reciprocal arrangement).

Future Club Events

We plan to run a few extra meetings which, although planned to help new members, in particular, are open to all members who may feel they need special advice on camera settings, techniques or photo editing. Alongside these meetings, with sufficient interest, I plan to run a few local field trips which will concentrate on practical photography. Please let me know when it suits and what you need to covered from the very basics upward. We can get our club room on a Friday evening or Saturday mornings.

The St Mary’s Church Bells project continues and reports will appear when the have been organised, speak to Martin Barber for information.

All future club meeting information will be added to our closed Facebook Group with personal invites to events being sent to you. Please check regularly on this Facebook Page for event activity.

Many thanks to Tom for covering in my absence, we have talked and plan sharing the compilation of the weekly brief in future.

Best wishes and happy snapping