Newsletter 1st October 2019

Hello Members

October 1st meeting report

For this evening Martin opened with his lecture on lenses, firstly asking what is important to take a good picture? Of course “we” as individuals were top of the list, apart from choosing the subject, the composition, the lighting and the camera settings this whole thing needs a finger to press the button. Then we got down to gear it is not about the most expensive but more importantly the balance of the gear you have and asking yourself does it fit your needs?

Martin shared his wealth of experience on the subject of lenses, what the lettering means, how the lenses are graded and to what function they offer, for instance if you wanted to capture a nats ear hole on a shed that is a kilometre away get the big one and stick a multiplier on just like our Brian does. If you wanted to capture every detail of the queens head from the face of a coin you need a macro. Peter offered his flavour of technical explanation through out from the great technical details all the way to simply “I don’t like it” which was much appreciated and well received. Martin finished by sharing comparison websites to compare lens specs as well as pricing and where to shop. Martins genuine urge to help and offer his guidance and knowledge was clear to see.

After the break we went onto a short but informative lecture from Peter, firstly showing us close up images of the finest shirt demonstrating the subtle but different results of different lenses new and old. Peter also displayed one advantage of having loads of megapixels i could not believe the quality of the image shown even after 90% of the original was cropped out. Then out of nowhere Peter presents his impressive PC specs accompanied by his smug grin, I declared my excitement of the top games at top specs he could play. However clearly Peter does not muck about, his PC makes the one i am writing this on looks like a potato. Peter then talked us through storage, the pros and cons of the options available and the formula he uses to organise his photos.

Thank you Martin and Peter for sharing your vast knowledge and for more or less containing yourselves on how absolutely fantastic Sony cameras are.

Please note that a member unfortunately suffered interference to their car last Tuesday whilst at our club meeting. The car was parked at the less frequented Sydenham Children’s Centre end of Fairfax Road and had all four tyres deflated. Whilst we hope this senseless act was an isolated occurrence and having never experienced tampering before, we ask you to consider parking in well lit, frequented areas e.g. on or closer to the main Parkway or adjacent shops as a precaution.

October 8th Meeting info

Let’s look at the unique images of the LONDON SALON EXHIBITION.

Also the entries for the next competition are required, print subject is “Open” and the digital subject is “The Coast”. If you require any assistance there is plenty available.

All future club meeting information will be added to our closed Facebook group with personal invites to events being sent to you. Please check regularly on this Facebook page for event activity.

Happy snapping