Newsletter 1st May 2019

Hi BPS members

Meeting Report by Tom Meacham

What a professional well put together evening Graham Harries treated us to, for me it was like a documentary but with the narrator sat in the room. It was “not to be missed” they said and I have to agree. Graham began by showing us some of his work and a list of how published his work is and yet, Graham seemed so humble of his photography and made no claims to be a technical photographer and in his words “I like how that looks, point and click”. I think that is an important message often the joy of photography is capturing an image simply because it looks good in our eyes without worrying about rules and the like.

Graham filled the evening with his Chernobyl lecture the images, the video, and the music set the mood and expressed such emotion of Chernobyl. The room fell silent throughout as everyone seemed to fully immerse themselves in Graham’s experience.

During the break we were yet again treated to Ruth’s baker skills, thank you, Ruth, always very much appreciated my favourite was the pink ones with the jam.

Many thanks Tom, looks like you got a regular job??

Next Week’s Meeting

2nd Chance competition. Susanne Akerstrom has been invited to judge what I am sure will be an interesting collection of prints and digital images, some of which were no doubt poorly judged during the year.

Can all club members, please return their club memory stick to allow them to be formatted ready for the next winter season

Future Club Events

Please let Martin know of any events that you would like included in our summer programme. If you would like some training sessions organised during the summer, please let Martin or myself know. Or just come along to any of our events where experienced members will be on hand to help

See FB closed group event page

Annual Folio Competition:

This is currently, live on our website link

Please add your critique in the next few days.

Best wishes

Brian & Tom