Newsletter 25th April 2019

Hi BPS members

Competition Winners’ Night, Best of the Best.

Our judge, John Tilsley, started off by explaining that as all the entries had already been successful, no the scores would be low and we should bear in mind that his decision would only represent one person’s view of the images. John was asked to select the top five entries in both prints and digital entries. He explained that he would be holding back 9 of each for final critique and placings. John made it very clear that he found making his final decisions difficult and the results could have been different on another day as all the entries were of such a high standard. Personally, I was disappointed that almost all of the creative entries did so poorly (I didn’t have any either ;-)). John marked them very hard if they didn’t convey a clear story within the image.


Prints: 1st Martin Barber “9/11 Loss Reflections”; 2nd Ian Barrow “Making a Splash”; tied 3rd Brian Sweeting “Bee Eater Attack” and Martin Barber “ Puffin Dual”; 5th Matt Difford “Inner Workings”. Also held for final selection: Andy White “Soldier of Fortune”; Brian Sweeting “Look into my eyes”; and “Read all about it”

Digital: 1st Sharon Lewis “Peaceful”; 2nd Tom Meacham “Knightstone Storm”; 3rd Andy White “Shattered”; 4th Marcia Randle “Sea the Waste”; 5th Martin Barber “Proud Puffin”. Also held for final selection: Leigh Ann “Who’s been Digging”; Brian Sweeting “Starlings”, “Grey Heron” and “Square Cut”.

It was great to see once again several newer members featuring in the top places. We certainly are fortunate to have so many talented members. Special congratulations to Tom, Ian, Matt, Leigh Ann and Marcia.

Next Week’s Meeting

Special Lecture - Graham Harries “Chernobyl, Visions of Silence 32 years On” - not to be missed! Bring friends, family or workmates to help offset the cost of this special lecture. £4 includes refreshments.

Remember to bring your entries to Ken for the 2nd Chance competition. Please complete your entry form as you do for a normal monthly competition. Up to 3 prints and 3 digital images are allowed per member and they must not have been in the top five places in this season’s monthly competition ( in other words those images that were included in the Winners Night, “Best of Best” competition. Susanne Akerstrom has been invited to judge what I am sure will be an interesting collection of images, some of which were no doubt badly judged during the year.

As I am away for the next three meetings I am hoping that one or two (or more even) people can help out by setting up the kitchen and bringing milk and biscuits for next week’s meeting and the following two. Tom has put his name forward and will bring the milk etc. but more help on the night will be appreciated.

Future Club Events

Please let Martin know of any events that you would like included in our summer programme.

AGM proposals book will be available on the table when you book in next Tuesday, this is the last chance to put any new ideas forward

See FB closed group event page

Annual Folio Competition:

This is currently live on our website link

Please add your critique in plenty of time for the meeting when all entries will be reviewed.

Best wishes