Newsletter 17th April 2019

Hi BPS members

Meeting report April 16th

In, out, shake it all about - well, in the end, we stayed in the clubhouse for our meeting due to weather conditions not being favourable. It was one of those evenings when we found it hard to justify a longish journey for what may turn out to be a waste of time. We all settled down and listened to a demonstration presented by Peter showing how he went about editing using Photoshop, and very good it was too. As always the members present had their own ways of achieving the finished print or digital image. Peter, however, showed what I consider to be the way intended by Adobe when they produced this highly complex software. We all picked up some useful tips on using layers to improve and reshape an image, unfortunately far too detailed to attempt to include in this newsletter. Thanks very much, Peter, your depth of knowledge is quite outstanding. As we did not manage to get out to have a go at Astrophotography a few of the members present decided that, as the weather is set fine for the weekend, a trip somewhere will be arranged for Friday evening, see FB events.

Next week’s meeting

Competition Winners Night, Best of the Best [Judge - John Tilsley] This competition will decide who has produced the best print and digital image of the current season. John is one of the top judges in the West country being the leader of the WCPF judges panel training scheme.

Future Club Events

Good Friday Evening;

Astro/Moon and/or high tide at Burnham – there will be plenty of options available and we will decide the venue nearer the time. See FB event for details and please indicate if you wish to come along.

Please let Martin know of any events that you would like included in our summer programme.

Annual Folio Competition:

This is currently live on our website link

Please add your critique in plenty of time for the meeting when all entries will be reviewed.

Best wishes