Weekly Newsletter 12th April

Hi BPS members

Meeting report 9th April

The Audio Visual competition was judged by past member, Ross Alexander. Ross won the WCPF AV competition a few years ago and provided his services free of charge. Seven entries were received from just five members and we also experienced another low turnout of members. Despite this, we had a very good evening and were treated to some fine examples of what can be achieved with our photos by turning them into a story using AV software. This is a great way to save your images of special events or holidays. I strongly recommend you do this, particularly when recording family occasions. If you need help producing AVs please let me know and I will be pleased to help.

Loads of items were brought in for the auction, some were donated whilst others were sold with a contribution of 10% or 20% to clubs funds. Some high-value items can still be purchased - details can be found on our FB group or via an email sent direct to all club members from Martin. We owe Martin a massive thank you for all the hard work he put in to make this a success. Our efforts raised £133 to date with a few more items still to be sold.

Next week’s meeting

This will be a practical evening, remember to bring your cameras. Weather permitting, we will have a trip somewhere local (followed by a pint no doubt). If the weather is not suitable we will endeavour to learn more about Lightroom & Photoshop. Have your questions ready just in case.

Future Club Events

Plans are being finalised for our trip to the Farne Islands, see FB group event for details.

Please let Martin know of any events that you would like included in our summer programme.

Annual Folio Competition:

This is currently live on our website link https://bwps.org.uk/folio/

Please add your critique in plenty of time for the meeting when all entries will be reviewed.

Somerset Day Partnership:

Matt would like more images PLEASE. The size needs to be approximately 3000px max width and a dpi of 150 please. All images used will be credited to the photographer and the club will also gain recognition. This will be a good way to increase public awareness of our great little club. Subjects can include just about anything connected to Somerset such as events, landscapes, street, wildlife and carnival etc. See event page on FB group!

Best wishes


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