Weekly Newsletter 3rd April

Hi BPS members

Thank you to all who supported my presentation “Me & My Photography” last night. I hope you enjoyed it and learnt a bit more about Somerset and the photographic potential we are blessed with. I always enjoy presenting such talks; this one included answers to many questions I am asked on a regular basis. Sorry, this email is brief, I am leaving for a field trip to Cornwall very shortly.

Next week’s meeting

We will be holding an auction of donated items to raise club funds – very much needed. If you have any unwanted items to offer please bring them along and don’t forget your wallet. Low priced items can be donated in entirety whilst higher value items can be auctioned for you with 10% being donated to club funds.

Following this, we have our annual AV competition (external judge - Ross Alexander). It may be possible to bring entries on the night, check FB later in the week

Future Club Events

Annual Folio Competition:

Matt has prepared the final entries which will be online ready for you to critique soon. Watch out on our FB group for further information

Somerset Day Partnership:

Sorry to repeat myself, BUT can all members please send a couple of images taken here in Somerset to Matt. The size needs to be approximately 3000px max width and a dpi of 150, please. All images used will be credited to the photographer and the club will also gain recognition. This will be a good way to increase public awareness of our great little club. Subjects can include just about anything connected to Somerset such as events, landscapes, street, wildlife and carnival, etc. See event page on FB group!

WCPF annual Panel Competition:

Volunteers are required to join a team to put the entry together.

Best wishes


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