Weekly Newsletter 20th March

Hi BPS members

Martin opened our meeting by welcoming our guest judge, Paul Calcutt, for the results of the season’s final monthly competition. He reminded members that the annual competition to find the best Print and Digital Member of the Year was very close with several members just a few points apart.

Paul began by explaining how he had decided on the winning entries and pointed out that he would be true to the subjects. His priority for judging was that prints should illustrate ‘action’ and digital images ‘weather’. He added that the DIs needed excellent detail and to have the punch needed to draw his attention. He explained how he felt whilst examining each entry followed by a detailed critique. During his review of all entries, he asked members to join in and ask him questions. Finally he presented his top five prints which were awarded: 1st place Martin Barber with his excellent print of two puffins in battle; 2nd Ian Barrow with his motorbike race scene - well done Ian for continuing to present top quality images; 3rd place yours truly with an all-action shot of two Bee Eaters in battle; 4th Ian, and 5th Keith Perry. In the digital image competition Tom Meacham completed an end of season double with his presentation of Weston Super Mare’s pier in a heavy storm which was awarded 20 points (the only 20 awarded in either competition); 2nd place once again Ian who excelled with his winter scene on the hills entitled ‘Fire & Ice’; 3rd place was awarded to Ruth Baker for her capture of a very rainy day in Jamaica, another great result for Ruth; Jim Goddard picked up 4th and 5th places with two great images ‘Railway Carriage’ and ‘Snow Dawn”.

Martin ran through the next few weeks’ programmes and asked members to do their best to send Matt an entry for the folio competition and also to support the ‘Somerset Day’ project.

Next meeting March 19th

Next week we have the traveling WCPF exhibition prints on display. We will form small groups to choose our top five prints and then put them forward for overall debate and selection of the one we feel is best. This is a great way to get members’ points of view thus helping us all to improve our own photos.

Future Club Events

Annual Folio Competition:

Matt is prepared to take entries for a few more days

Somerset Day partnership:

Can all members please send a couple of images taken here in Somerset to Matt. The size needs to be approximately 3000px max width and a dpi of 150 please. All images used will be credited to the photographer and the club will also gain recognition. This will be a good way to increase public awareness of our great little club. Subjects can include just about anything connected to Somerset such as events, landscapes, street, wildlife and carnival etc. See event page on FB group! More about the day can be found on their website here

April 3rd-6th Cape Cornwall Landscape trip - please find details on our Facebook Group where an event page has been set up.

WCPF annual Panel Competition, volunteers required for a team to put the entry together

Happy Snapping


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