Weekly Newsletter 15th March

Hi BPS members

At our meeting on Tuesday, it was a pleasure to see a good number of entries for our annual Panel Competition. There were ten prints and thirteen digital entries. Marcia took the top spot with what was almost a runaway victory. Well done to Marcia who continues to have a special eye and be very successful in this type of competition. Welcome back and well done Mike Cook who entered a panel of three prints of a beautiful model in a seaside setting. Without a slight colour cast, this entry could well have come higher. The digital section saw Jim Goddard take the top award with his 3-panel entry showing graffiti shots taken in London. Jim also entered some quite original style of panels, thanks for pushing the boundaries in an effort to be original.

Martin then asked members to start thinking about our entry in the WCPF annual Panel Competition. Last year a small group of mostly newer members put together a very good entry to represent us which worked very well. If possible we need to have such a group formed again to take ownership of this year’s entry. Volunteers, please put your names forward.

Next meeting March 19th

Next week we have the review and results of our last monthly competition of the 2018/2019 season [Prints - Action, DI - Weather], judged by Paul Calcutt.

Future Club Events

Taunton Battle Monday 18th

Some members have indicated that they will be attending, please let me know if you wish to go and to share transport

Annual Folio Competition:

Entries close for this competition on March 19th Nest Tuesday!! Please send your entries to Matt via mattdifford@gmail.com A typical image should be something of general interest and one which will cause each member to think how they would improve the image from a judge’s point of view. Matt informs me that, to date, he has received entries from just six members. Standard 1600 x 1200 px please

Somerset Day partnership:

Can all members please send a couple of images taken here in Somerset to Matt. The size needs to be approximately 3000px max width and a dpi of 150, please. All images used will be credited to the photographer and the club will also gain recognition. This will be a good way to increase public awareness of our great little club. Subjects can include just about anything connected to Somerset such as events, landscapes, street, wildlife and carnival etc. See event page on FB group! This is a great opportunity to raise awareness for the club, as the posts for the campaign will reach well over 2 million people!

April 3rd-6th Cape Cornwall Landscape trip - please find details on our Facebook Group where an event page has been set up.

Happy Snapping


Links to our social media groups: Please join these groups to allow us to share our knowledge, experiences and images:

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1980336142190735/

Flickr link: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2869908@N22/