Weekly Newsletter 7th March

Martin opened the meeting by introducing and welcoming our guest speaker Lee Tippet. Lee works for Sigma as an Ambassador, receiving many new items coming to the marketplace. He tries them out and reports his findings back to Sigma. He started by telling us a bit about himself. He was born in Cornwall, married and lives in Taunton and works in Bridgwater for the last twenty years. We all know Sigma to be a lens manufacturer but it came as a surprise to me to find that they make quite impressive camera bodies too. He then showed us many great landscape images which mostly covered the Cornish coastline but also included images taken on his many trips to Scotland and Ireland. He advised us that he organises a few courses each year and has a couple of places vacant at the moment in October due to cancellations. Even though landscape photography is not my forte, his talk really got me thinking about the subject more seriously. I think everyone present was very impressed with the quality of his many images. I, for one, felt that just about all his images showed some sort of movement in the skies which added to their appeal. His presentation also included a ten minute DVD showing the Sigma factory and demonstrated how lenses are manufactured to the very high standards required.

Link to Lea’s website http://www.leatippett.com/

Next meeting March 12th

Next week we have our annual panel competition. Panels of three or five can be entered as prints or DIs. Please do your best to put together an entry so that we have plenty to debate which will allow us all to learn what makes a great panel. Martin plans to set up a group of members to put together our WCPF entry which will be held later this year. Last year a small group of mostly newer members put together a very good entry to represent us which worked very well.

Future Club Events

March 11th Taunton Races: I would advise those of you who have tickets to be very careful of where you take photos. Do not flash your cameras around the paddock because there are professionals who pay to get these shots. PLEASE BE DISCRETE!! or I fear you will be stopped, or thrown out. I have photographed racing there in the past but I stay away from the main paddock and office buildings which is the official line on this matter. I have a spare free ticket if anyone wants to come. I’ll be going as long as the weather is decent.

Annual Folio Competition

Please send your entries to Matt via mattdifford@gmail.com before March 19th. A typical image should be something of general interest and one which will cause each member to think how they would improve the image from a judge’s point of view. Matt informs me that, to date, he has not received any entries.

Somerset Day partnership:

Please send any images you have taken here in Somerset to Matt. The size needs to be approximately 3000px max width and a dpi of 150 please. All images used will be credited to the photographer and the club will also gain recognition. This will be a good way to increase public awareness of our great little club. Subjects can include just about anything connected to Somerset such as events, landscapes, street, wildlife and carnival etc.

Happy Snapping


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