Weekly Newsletter 15th February

Hi BPS members

We had another excellent meeting headlined by Mike Martin who presented the subject “Shooting People”. Mike’s relaxed and honest opinions struck home with all members present. It was quite refreshing at times particularly when he emphasised that we should produce what we like personally and not what we think is the norm and expected by judges at Salons or PAGB competitions. Before the break, he showed us loads of great prints many of which had brought him success in local and national competitions. Most of his photography is in black & white, only occasionally does he use colour prints in competition. Following the break when we enjoyed loads of super cakes, another treat from Ruth Baker made to celebrate the club’s success in the WCPF DIPIC competition. Thank you so much, Ruth, your efforts are much appreciated! Following the break, Mike showed us the before and after editing examples of many of the prints we had seen previously. It was a super presentation and, as far as I am aware, Mike could be returning next season with a more detailed lecture on his use of Lightroom and Photoshop techniques.

The previously mentioned WCPF DPIC competition was a triumph for the club. Martin reported that we had been placed in 6th place out of the fifty seven clubs that entered this annual competition. He then congratulated Graham Treharne and presented him with the bronze medal and a highly commended certificate he had been awarded for two of his outstanding wildlife images. At the halfway stage of the competition, we held joint second position but sadly received a couple of low scores in the remaining half of the competition which took us down a few places. Nevertheless, this is a result to be very proud of as a club bearing in mind that some of the clubs that were above us consisted of ‘selected members’ and are, what I call, trophy hunters.

Martin then talked us through our coming events. He encouraged members to have a go at the WCPF members’ competitions and I agree with him on this matter. Many of our members are achieving a very high standard of work. I for one, along with several other members, have been entering for many years and have gained recognition, not only for ourselves but for the club as a whole. Please have a go with some of the entries that have done well for you in our club’s internal competitions over the last few years. For information see classification and WCPF website link information below. Entries can be made until March 4th in the subjects listed below.

Sorry to repeat myself:

I am here to help those wishing to have a go, just PM me or give me a call on 455621.

This exhibition is open to photographers who are members of photographic clubs affiliated to the WCPF.

There are seven entry classes:

  • Colour Print
  • Monochrome Print
  • Nature Print
  • Open Digital
  • Nature Digital
  • Creative Digital
  • Photo Travel Digital

Up to four images may be entered into each class. Entries to be submitted online via the exhibition web site. Entries may be made using digital JPG image files only. Prints should be handed to Andy White who will deliver them to the WCPF. (Closing date to be arranged) Members competition information: http://www.wcpf.org.uk/pages/members-exhibition-2019.php

Next meeting February 19th

Portraiture evening: Please see details on our closed Facebook group. Peter wishes to know roughly how many will be having a go to enable him to make arrangements etc

Future Club Events

Annual Folio Competition: Please send your entries to Matt via mattdifford@gmail.com who will be uploading them to our website. More information to follow on FB group. A typical image should be something of general interest and one which will cause each member to think how they would improve the image from a judges point of view. Matt informs me that he has not received any entries as of yet.

March 11th Taunton Races: There is an opportunity to get free tickets, however, I would advise you, as a past member of the club, to be very careful of where you take photos. Do not flash your cameras around the paddock because there are professionals who pay to get these shots. PLEASE BE DISCRETE!! or I fear you will be stopped, or thrown out. I have photographed racing there in the past but I stay away from the main paddock and office buildings which is the official line on this matter.

Do you have any suggestions or know of events suitable for a club trip. Please let me have your suggestions and I will set up an event group on our FB page.

Happy Snapping


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