Weekly Newsletter 17th January

Dear all,

Brian is off capturing more stunning images, so its my turn to sent a brief newsletter.

15th Jan Meeting Summary

Firstly may I thank all attendees on Tuesday at our internal lecture ‘Four men in a boat, a unique glimpse of Skomer’. Hopefully you all got a taste of our passion for this special place, perhaps you even learnt a little about the island and hopefully appreciated the diversity of images. I would like to personally thank Graham, Brian and Peter for their considerable contributions.

As I summarised at the meeting, ventures such as the Skomer trip are possible for us as a photographic group. Simply visiting places with ‘photographers of a common interest’ we all appreciate the importance of waiting for and repeat attempts that special shot. Please consider proposing trips you would like us to consider, be it a day, weekend or more, we will then start compiling ideas for a 2019 summer programme and maybe a special trip in 2020.

We also touched on the various events pending in the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF). We are part of this organisation, so please look at their diary to see if you wish to enter or attend any of their events. See http://www.wcpf.org.uk/pages/dates-for-your-diary.php

Our programme over the next few weeks

22nd Jan - Monthly Competition with Judge Ralph Snook, a great evening of quality images and feedback from this highly respected Judge. 29th Jan - Photographic Alliance of Great Britain a recorded lecture of top quality Audio Visual Presentations. Lets learn from the best, enhance our knowledge and appreciate this photographic media. 5th Feb - Members Critique, an opportunity to share and discuss a few of your images print or digital, and get some constructive peer comments or advice.

Advance notice

As we prepare next season’s programme for you, I am delighted to give you all advance notice of the intended monthly competition subjects so that you can work on and build a stock of suitable images.

Monthly Externally Judged Scoring Competitions
Entry DatePrint SubjectDigital Subject
September 2019A Predominant ColourOpen
October 2019OpenThe Coast
November 2019Speed/MovementOpen
January 2020OpenJuxtaposition
February 2020MonochromeOpen
March 2020OpenCreative/Altered Image

Regards Martin Barber Chair & Programme Secretary

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