Weekly Newsletter 7th December

Hi BPS members

The meeting opened with Martin welcoming Andy Beel, introducing him as a specialist black & white photographer. Andy started his presentation by pointing out that photography for him was all about producing high-quality prints. He enhances the basic image by using creative layers during editing and he improves the main features by lighting them and darkens down the less important parts of his print, whilst still maintaining detail in those darker areas. His style of photography isn’t for everyone and I found it a little bizarre at times. In particular, I was frustrated that I couldn’t examine the prints in any detail because they were not left on display. Maybe the display of digital images using our projection system would have been of benefit and enable us all to appreciate the more intricate editing embellishments. I certainly appreciated some of the tips he gave us on how he enhances his photos via photoshop editing techniques. However, despite my criticism, I have to acknowledge that he is still a very good mono photographer who gains many acceptances at major Salon competitions.

Next Meeting December 11th

Christmas meal - 25 members have confirmed attendance and paid up! Please do your best to get there in plenty of time to get a drink etc before we sit down at 7.30.

Meeting December 18th

You will have noticed that we have no set subject for our meeting. This is because we don’t usually meet after our Christmas meal leaving us with a very long break between meetings. The committee has decided to include a special meeting for members to discuss or receive tuition on any subject of their choice. Please let me or Martin know what you would like to be included asap.

Meeting January 8th

I feel I must remind you all that there is a lot going on which will require action at or before this meeting:

  • Members internal competitions “What did you make of it” - see the link to the club website giving full details https://bwps.org.uk/upcoming/event/2018/11/30/what-did-you-make-of-it.html Please download the images and add or take away putting your creative ideas into practice.

  • Small prints competition, enter as many as you wish on any subject of your choice size from 6”x4” to A4 size mounted and on any size board, please. Maybe you would like to bring along some of your previous monthly competition prints in order to get comments on how some of our more experienced photographers would have presented them.

  • Entries will need to be passed Ken for the January monthly competition - prints subject OPEN and digital subject BLACK &WHITE. You can make up to 3 entries in each section.

Future Club Events

SS Great Britain and Ragged Victorians this weekend, see FB group page for info

I am still hoping to run a landscape trip along the coast and hills of Somerset as soon as we get a reasonable spell of weather, could be over the Christmas break!!

Watch out for invites via our FB page to quite a few upcoming events.

Happy Snapping


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