Weekly Newsletter 23rd November

Hi BPS members

Martin started the evening reporting on the Kingswood Salver entry and congratulated all those that contributed. We didn’t quite make the top five but it was a very credible entry and included a print from Andy White which made it into the top eight prints. Sadly, however, Andy’s print also failed to make the top five. Martyn then moved on to his Presentation entitled ‘Filters what can they do? Do we need them?’ Sadly we had the lowest turnout of this season with only 12 members present. Martin’s presentation gave us a lot of thought-provoking ideas which covered the history of filters, the different types, how to use them and culminating in the question ‘do we really need them’. A lively discussion followed from which I, for one, picked up a few tips that I will be putting into practice as soon as I have the chance. No doubt, like many other aspects of photography, the use of filters is a complex subject. Martin, with the aid of our new equipment, presented clear instructions followed by a few videos showing how professionals photographers use them to the best effect. Here is a link to some YouTube videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL720E0A66DA1B1E37. Peter then gave a demonstration showing that many of the effects that can be obtained with filters can also be attained using Photoshop. Unfortunately, this is far too complicated for me to explain to you all but his presentation allowed us to see what can be achieved and go away and have a go for ourselves. Many thanks to both Martin and Peter for a very enjoyable and informative evening’s entertainment.

Next Meeting November 27th

This will include the Monthly Competition results: Prints - Macro/Close up and DI – Fantasy, judged by David Southwell. Hold on tight because I for one expect a real bashing especially with my creative entry.

Please remember to pay Peter your balance for the Christmas meal to avoid the need for money to be collected on the night. I also need to finalise the number attending. It is not too late to add your name(s).

Future Club Events

Monday, December 3rd: Inter-club Three-way Battle at Yeovil. Those wishing to attend and would like to share transport please let me know so that I can compile a list.

Ragged Victorians/SS Great Britain trip to be arranged on December 8/9th, (weather dependant), the decision to be made nearer the time, check FB events soon.

Keith is still offering members mount boards if you would like to buy some let him know at our next meeting, please.

Watch out for invites via our FB page to quite a few upcoming events.

Happy Snapping


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