Weekly Newsletter 8th November

Hi BPS members

This week we held a mock DPIC competition which was added to our monthly meeting content. This illustrated to the members how the competitions are judged and also gave Ken and his selection panel plenty of choice for our WCPF entry in 2019. Quite a feat of technology was put together for the judging. Matt created some clever software which allowed members to cast their score for each image as it was displayed using their mobile phones. Martin backed this up with a great ‘old style’ scoring system from three volunteer members who displayed scorecards, much the same as on Strictly Come Dancing. Ken received 290 entries from 15 members which were more than expected despite several members not entering. Not to worry, there is still time for those members to enter images or members who did submit to add more if they wish. All you need to do is send them to Ken or add them to your monthly competition entry on your memory stick. We had a fantastic entry of natural history shots but sadly we can only select five for the competition. It is felt that we need a few more unusual shots that have great impact, action/sports shots and those in a creative style. Entries will remain open until the end of November. Thanks to Ken, Matt, and Martin for putting this informative evening together. Martin has published a PDF of the top-rated DPIC see FB group for information.

Following this Martin ran through our coming events, see below. Peter reported that the Christmas meal is being well supported with 24 members and their family members attending. There is still time to book, £5 deposit is required. Peter asked members who have committed to going pay him the balance no later than the club meeting on December 4th.

Next Meeting November 13th

We have a lecture and presentation from George Reekie from Taunton. George is a very experienced photographer and judge. His talk is entitled “Beating the Judges”. We should all pick up some great tips and advice for competition photography

Entries are required for this month’s competition. Please give your entry to Ken. Prints are Close up/Macro and Digital is creative. A maximum of three entries per person is allowed in each competition.

Future Club Events

Whippet racing season continues for a few more weeks before they break for the winter. If we get a very nice Sunday morning maybe some of you would like to have a go. If so, let me know, and I will be happy to make arrangements and come along myself if possible.

On November 17th our Kingswood Salver entry is being judged. Martin has started an event on FB inviting members to go along to watch the judging and see just how this is carried out at regional level.

Ragged Victorians/SS Great Britain trip to be arranged on December 8/9th weather dependant nearer the time, check FB events soon

Keith is offering members mount boards if you would like to buy some let Keith know at our next meeting, please.

I plan to run another weekend trip ‘Somewhere in Somerset’ soon as this is a future monthly competition subject. I will announce this on FB if it is arranged at very short notice due to a favourable weather forecast.

Watch out for invites via our FB page to quite a few upcoming events.

Best wishes


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