Weekly Newsletter 1st November

Hi BPS members

We were treated to another amusing and informative evening presented by Ken and Keith who on this occasion shared details of their travels in the west of Scotland and some of the great landscape shots taken. It seems they were fortunate to bump into a professional photographer who told them some of the tricks of the trade and pointed out some great landscape areas in that part of Scotland. Scotland is certainly a great place to visit for landscape and wildlife photography. Thanks to you both for another entertaining evening

Martin ran through our coming events and Peter finished off the evening with a presentation on studio lighting setups which he has been investigating a with a view to get a further funding from the local council to improve our equipment in this field of photography

There’s still time to book for Christmas Meal at the Harvest Moon, North Newton, £14 for 2 courses £15 if you want a coffee to finish. £5 deposit secures your booking.

Next Meeting November 6th

We are holding our first ever DPIC evening on Tuesday; it should be fun and very challenging. I hope you have all contributed by sending Ken a few digital images to be included in the judging. This meeting has been organised to show members what it takes to be successful in major PAGB competitions which are held across the UK and beyond. Good luck to all who have entered. From these results, your selection committee will decide on the entries best to represent us in the WCPF annual competition, a competition that we did so well in last year.

Also, entries for this month’s competition will be collected by Ken. Prints are Close up/Macro and digital is creative, a maximum of three entries allowed in each competition.

Future Club Events

Don’t forget Bridgwater Carnival starts Friday evening at the Fairfield with a firework display and continues on Saturday with the procession kicking off at 7 pm. Leigh Ann has requested that, should any of our members be in High Street for the squibbing display, could they take her photo as she will be taking part, letting off one the biggest hand-held fireworks seen anywhere in the world. “The Bridgwater Squib” as it is known is made especially for the carnival’s simultaneous display here in Bridgwater. Well over 100 club members and invited sponsors (like Leigh Ann) take part in this worldwide unique event every year. If you can’t make it to Bridgwater, carnival continues in other towns throughout the county during the following two weeks.

Whippet racing season continues for about another month before they break for the winter. If we get a very nice Sunday morning maybe some of you would like to have a go. If so, let me know, and I will be happy to make arrangements and come along myself if possible.

On November 17th our Kingswood Salver entry is being judged, Martin has started an event on FB inviting members to go along to watch the judging and see just how this is carried out at regional level

I plan to run another weekend trip “Somewhere in Somerset” soon as this is a future monthly competition subject. This will be announced on FB if it is arranged at very short notice due to the weather conditions.

Watch out for invites via our FB page for details for quite a few up-coming events.

Happy Snapping


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