Weekly Newsletter 13th October

Hi BPS members

It was certainly a different type of meeting this week, none the less it was a good to hear how several of our members spent their summer and giving details of their particular style of photography. Sharon kicked off by showing us how she produces some of her creative images and then some of her baby portraits which she has won many national awards with. Joe continued our evening’s entertainment showing us a series of shots taken on his Scottish holiday during the summer. Well done Joe, you have some great shots, love the dolphins best - but then everyone would expect that, lol. Matt then took us through his job within the club by showing us around the club’s website. He is still building what is a quite new site. He reported that the monthly competition scores are now available on-line for you to see. I then took over the speaker’s role and explained who I am and how I got to where I am nowadays in photography. One of my main reasons for volunteering to speak was to make sure that all members who need help to move their photography skills forward get in touch with me to iron out any problems in any aspect of photography on a one to one basis if necessary. If I can’t supply the answer to your questions I will know a man that does.

Peter reported that the Kingswood Salver entry had been completed and he will print and deliver it this weekend at the WCPF AGM. Well done to the team that put our entry together, I wish you all the best in what is a very difficult competition to do well at.

Next Meeting October 16th

We have a DVD presentation of the London Salon, this is intended to give food for thought on different styles of photography.

Future Club Events

I am planning a trip/workshop covering landscape photography in west Somerset during the next few weeks. Hopefully, this will be soon enough to get some great Autumn landscape shots, the date will be decided by the weather and other club photo opportunities. I think a Saturday would be the best day for most, Sunday’s are out due to many visitors to the Quantocks, Exmoor and Porlock Weir.

Don’t forget Bridgwater Carnival is just a few weeks away and this provides loads of photo opportunities be it portraits of characters, or the floats and the squibbing. For more details on these events please see our Facebook Closed Group events pages.

Happy Snapping


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