Weekly Newsletter 4th October

Dear all,

Meeting Report

This week we had an look at Close-up and Macro photography, covering some theoretical basics, viewing some audio visuals and finishing with a hands on practical with several opportunities to sample setups by Jim and Ken, and some items including flowers, conkers and fast moving snails! Peter showed an intro to photo stacking to a small group during the practical, but we will revisit that with all when an opportunity arises.

We also saw our proposed Kingswood Salver Entry which was great thank-you, it depicting various variations on the theme ‘light’. We had a short discussion regarding any minor tweaks prior to the panel being finalised and printed for entry on 13th Oct. A few of us must go along to the WCPF event on 17th Nov to see the judges reaction first hand!.

Thankyou to Joe and others for the tea prep and clearing away.

Next Meeting

On Tuesday 9th October we will have a Members Night, an evening when you the members give us a short insight into some new images, activities, equipment or photographic projects you may have been trying. It can be a chat, a few prints, a group of digital images or audio visual if you prefer. I’m only looking for six to eight people with 10-15 minutes each to fill the evening. Please give it a go and let me know in advance by an email to chair@bwps.org.uk

Also on the 9th October Ken needs the entries for our next monthly competition, [ Prints – Reflections ] [ DI - Open ] [Judge - Jane Kearney ].

If you are still unsure on formatting digital images for entry, see the tool on the front page of our website or click here

We will also now start taking deposits of £5 per head for our Christmas Meal on Dec 11th at the Harvest Moon, North Newton. Two courses £14 Beef and Turkey, if you wish to have a coffee it will be £15 per person.

Gather at 7 pm for 7.30 meal.

Regards Martin

Chairman BPS

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