Weekly Newsletter 20th September

Dear BPS members,

Just a quick email this week as I update you all whilst Brian takes a well earned break.

Meeting Report

It was good to see the members interest in our first practical/discussion evening of the season, Lets learn about our Cameras where we formed groups with similar make or type of equipment and shared experience and knowledge. These evenings are always difficult to cover the diverse knowledge of our group, but I hope you all agree it was worthwhile and a change to have the opportunity to discuss aspects of our hobby with each other. Attached is a general slide regarding the three controls of image illumination in photography Aperture, Speed and ISO .

Marcia and team then reported back and presented the ideas and images being considered for our WCPF Kingswood Salver entry (see http://www.wcpf.org.uk/pages/kingswood-salver-2018.php ). The material met with universal support, being fresh, vibrant and innovative. But as it was work in-progress Marcia and team welcomed feedback from members. Timescales are tight, but we all support the final preparation of the panel of five prints required for our entry into this prestigious competition. Well done.

The meeting then concluded with a simple question and answer session, culminating in a technical resume by Peter on the latest photographic evolution where major manufacturers are now producing ‘Mirrorless Cameras’, where we discussed the pros/cons against current SLR technology.

Finally a special thankyou to the teamakers and particularly our new younger members Tanisha and Phoebe who unprovoked went into the kitchen to wash and clear up our teacups, thankyou for being so considerate.

Next Meeting Tues September 25th

Not to be missed, our very first monthly competition with a visit from respected Judge Ken Holland. This competition is for Prints Open subjects and Digital on Formation or Patterns. The evening is greatly anticipated by entrants and viewers alike, especially as we are using our new projector, screen and print lighting systems!

Future Club Events

We have created an event on our Facebook Group following an invitation for us to visit Pheonix Group at West Monkton on the Monday 24th September when they have a presentation covering photojournalism by Graham Trott. Details once again can be found on our FB group events.

Don’t forget Bridgwater Fair is approaching giving unique opportunities for low light, night and movement images, Wed 26th-Sat 29th Sep.

Alternatively, the West Somerset Railway hold their Autumn Steam Gala, Thur 27th-Sun 30th Sep , see autumn-steam-gala

Membership Fees

Any past members who have not yet taken advantage of the discounted fees via a single bank transfer or monthly direct debit, please note that our annual joining fees are now due, Peter our treasurer can be contacted at treas@bwps.org.uk

Martin Barber


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