Weekly Newsletter 8th May

Hi BPS members,

May 8th Meeting Report:

At our meeting on Tuesday we held our last competition of the season called Second Chance. This was for images not ranked in the top five by previous judges, but still consider worthy of another chance.

After deliberations the members scored their top five and the results collated by Darren and Andy. Unfortunately, there was some confusion on eligibility of some entries and it’s only since the meeting having rechecked our records that the print winners are finally declared as 1st Brian (kite), 2nd Darren, 3rd Peter, 4th Andy, and 5th Peter. Similarly, digital images were appraised, and winning places awarded to 1st Matt, 2nd Andy, 3rd Roger, 4th Ken and 5th Keith. Well done all and it certainly demonstrated how high our standards have become to have great images in this competition.

Second Chance Winners

We also had a discussion on options to change our competition scoring in the future, it promoted interesting discussion and members were advised that this is one of the items to be discussed further and decided at the AGM. We also touched on some details of our Summer Programme which is being finalised ready for circulation by the AGM.

Next Week

Next week is the annual prize evening where certificates are awarded followed by a simple buffet. We normally waive admission fees for this evening but expect all attendees to bring some food towards the buffet.

Advance Notice

The AGM on 22nd is approaching and a good attendance is requested. The meeting decides who represents you on the committee, can influence how the club is run and this year includes proposals on items such as competition scoring and criteria, finances and in meeting behaviours.

Also, we will be loading the Sat 19th or Sun 20th proposed club visit to the WCPF Members Exhibition at Bovey Tracy Golf Club, as an event on our closed Facebook group. Please use FB to indicate a interest preference and intended attendance so we can assess interest. For the few members not using Facebook please email if you wish to go.

Members Update

Some members were asking after Grace last week as we hadn’t seen her smiles and offers of sweets for a while. Interestingly after our meeting I noticed an email from Grace apologising for being absent, advising that she was having a problem walking and sitting and had now been referred to have a knee replacement, so wouldn’t be seeing us all for the rest of the programme.

I responded offering our wishes from her numerous friend at the Club and asked that she not be afraid to ask for any help necessary.

Data Protection

New regulations will require us to refresh and confirm you wish us to use your email to receive this newsletter from us, this will be sent separately so please don’t ignore it.

Martin B


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