Weekly Newsletter 26th April

Hi BPS members,

April 24th Meeting Report:

Annual Print & Digital Competition

Our judge Marija Lees gave us possibly the most precise critique of the year when running through all finalist entries. In the print competition she reduced the entries to seven giving the first five positions and two highly commended. Ken was a little worried about our judge which was brought about by considerable confusion over this engagement, he need not have because she was brilliant in her summary of every entry

Print results:

  • 1st Graham Treharne “Mountain Hare”
  • 2nd Andy White “Technological Enhancement”
  • 3rd Sharon Lewis “Splash of Blue”
  • 4th Peter Owen “Babe in the Woods”
  • 5th Peter Owen “Severn Bridge”
  • HC: Peter Owen “F22 Raptor” Richard Winn ”Sunlit River Coe


  • 1st Andy White “Girl in the Hat”
  • 2nd Ken Hocking “Hold on Tight”
  • 3rd Alison Donnellan “White Lion”
  • 4th Richard Winn “Kilve Beach“
  • 5th Brian Sweeting “Cuban Hummingbird”
  • HC: Sharon Lewis “Sleeping Beauty” Brian Sweeting “Speedway”

I must apologise for not taking any photos of our winners last night, however, there was a good reason which was due to several lazy members not returning their mugs to be washed up, so I went around collecting them and with Martin’s help washed them up, when finished several members who were amongst those who won had gone home. If you want me to organise the teas/coffees in future you have to do your bit!!! Rant over!!!!

Our folio entry is officially closed from Thursday to allow Matt to correlate all the members critique,

Next week

Matt will present the Folio Review, see folio on this link https://bwps.org.uk/folio/

We also plan to talk over our summer programme (ideas please) also decide if we will make an entry in the WCPF Kingswood Salver competition. The AGM agenda book is available for you to put forward your ideas and to volunteer as officer/committee member

Future Photographic Opportunities

Martin is putting together a list of summer events if you have any suggestions for our summer programme of events please let me or Martin know.

Once again I will be organising the purchase of Bridgwater Carnival Grandstand seat tickets. Seats are £18 each, please let me know asap to ensure we can get front row seats to allow great views of the procession. Money required during August but you must place your order soon. It’s ok to order for family and friends if you wish.



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