Weekly Newsletter 20th April

Hi BPS members,

April 17th Meeting Report:

Richard did a great job explaining some of the finer points of using Lightroom with particular regard to using Keywords and how to set up many different forms of presets. All in all a very instructive lecture on a very useful editing suite. Thanks Richard

Our folio entry is looking great on our website, Many thanks to Matt for creating this easy to use software, Please complete your critique, this is done by giving a comment to every entry including your own and then selecting your top five favourites https://bwps.org.uk/folio/

Message from Matt Difford

“Please complete your critique on our online folio competition by Tuesday next at the very latest to be included in the final assessment of the folio this will allow to collate the feedback on each entry and to work out who’s the overall winner

This Saturday coming April 21st we host the WCPF judges seminar. Volunteers so far are Aneka, Leigh Ann, Marcia, Martin, Peter and myself if you want to help please let me know asap. Those members present are invited to listen in on the proceedings, who knows we may learn something.

Message from Ken Hocking

Ken returned the prints that sadly had to be removed from the winners night competition due to the judge not accepting more entries than 70, all of those prints qualify for the second chance competition on May 8th

Next week

We have or annual Best print and Best digital image competition of the year, not to be missed as you have the opportunity to see all the best entries for our 2017/2018 winter season in direct competition. Our judge - Marija Lees is a new judge for us at BPS, let’s hope she is constructive and chooses the worthy winning entries, but she can’t please everyone for certain

Future Photographic Opportunities

Martin is putting together a list of summer events if you have any suggestions for our summer programme of events please let me or Martin know.



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