Weekly Newsletter 5th April

Hi BPS members,

April 3rd Meeting Report:

Ken Hocking started the evening’s programme with his presentation about a wartime historic Sunderland Flying Boat. Ken produced an excellent and very interesting talk which brought back many memories or most of us older members. Thanks Ken for an excellent presentation and all the hard work put in to produce this wonderful story.

Peter gave us his thoughts on “How many Megapixels do you need?”. He produced a tremendous amount of detailed technical detail on how our cameras and lenses can be rated and judged against other brands. At times there was strong debate on how certain cameras performed, several members didn’t agree with some of the reports produced by DXOmark. The message of Peter’s presentation was that we need as many pixels as possible to have perfect detail but 24mb is the optimum size to produce highly detailed A3 size prints. Having more would allow heavy cropping when required without losing the detail. However, it’s possible to produce award winning prints from much smaller than 24mb files. Thanks Peter, you certainly made us think about what we are doing when pointing and shooting our cameras.

Annual Members Print and Digital competition: was fought hard to the bitter end of the season. Peter who had been in the lead for most of the winter completed an excellent year with yet another first place sealing his position as no 1 print photographer. Prints: Peter Owen, Jim Goddard, Ken Hocking, Keith Perry and Brian Sweeting. Yours truly came back from a rocky start to the year and pipped a few members who had been leading for most of the year to win digital competition. Digital Images: Brian Sweeting, Darren Hillman, Peter Owen, Aneka Woodman, Keith Perry.

Message from Matt Difford “I’ve got 10 entries in total for the folio competition, but I’m looking for at least around 15 to make it a worthwhile event. To anyone that hasn’t entered, I’ve added a new section to the website so hopefully the process of adding your comments should be relatively simple this year (if that’s putting you off submitting an image). To anyone that has entered, thank you, and if you have a second image that you would be happy to submit, let me know. I’ll use these images if we don’t get enough ‘first’ images from members to make up the numbers. Images (along with titles, and any description that you would like to accompany your image) can be sent to mattdifford@gmail.com” Thank you very much.

Next week

We have our AV competition. If you haven’t already passed your AV entry to Ken, it’s not too late, please bring in as early as possible and give to Ken.

Due to no advanced information being made we plan to reschedule the proposed Auction

Annual Print and Digital Competition Winners, Bring in the prints as detailed in my earlier email or can be found on our FaceBook page

Photographic Opportunities

April 7th 2018: Can those wishing to join us on the trip to Bristol to visit the Wildlife Exhibition at the M Shed be at the station by 10am in order to make sure that all members are included in the group train ticket discount. It is planned to leave Bridgwater by train at 10.23 and returning either at 15.55 or 16.54. We can take advantage of group special reductions by booking as a group for just £6.75 each. Entry to the exhibition is £6 or £5 concessions which includes £1 donation to the Bristol Museum Charity (£5 or £4 without this added). Lunch will be at Za Za’s leaving the afternoon free for members to have a look around the dock and waterfront area: Link to exhibition https://www.bristolmuseums.org.uk/m-shed/whats-on/wildlife-photographer-of-the-year-2017/

Speedway season has just restarted and I would like to hear from any member who would like to attend, no date fixed yet.



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