Weekly Newsletter 21st March

Hi BPS members,

This week we presented the WCPF Traveling Prints. Members had some lengthy discussions on each of the different competition subjects and the overall impression was that this year’s prints were of a slightly higher standard than in the past few years. Each of the 3 sections, Natural History, Black & White and Open Colour had a few excellent entries, some having won gold, silver or bronze medals. I am quite sure that more of our members will be entering next year as the overall standard was no higher than that achieved in our monthly competitions. C’mon BPS members

Message from Matt

I want to make sure that all members are aware of the tools that are now available on the website. I have built a tool that will allow users to get up to 3 images resized and named in the correct format ready for entry in competitions. The link for this is https://bwps.org.uk/resizer/. I hope that it’s simple to use, but as a quick guide; you’ll be asked to enter your membership number, and then upload up to 3 JPG images, along with a title. You can then hit ‘Upload’, and after a few seconds, you should have links to click allowing you to download your images, which will be no larger than 1400x1050 px, and named in the correct format. You will then be able to put these images on your memory stick, ready to give to Ken for the competition. Apologies for the long post, but I wasn’t sure how many members were aware of this feature, and what it does. If anyone has any issues, or would like me to explain further, let me know and I can lend a hand.

Next week

Monthly competition review and results. Prints, “Diagonals” and Digital judged by Chris Bigg. The competitions in both print and digital sections for the year are still very much alive and tonight’s results will be crucial in finding the best print and digital photographers of the year.

Future Meeting Reminders

Members are asked to send Matt a single digital image for our Annual Folio Competition (Email mattdifford@gmail.com) This should be something interesting, different, humorous or challenging that will be formally judged by competing members. It allows you to experience how it feels to judge images and then select your favourites, all culminating in a club evening on 1st May. This entry can be made on-line once Matt has set up the software to receive the entries.

On 10th April we have our AV competition. This is a short Audio-Visual presentation of images of your choice. It’s a different, often very enjoyable, way of sharing images or experiences. It’s time to start preparing your entry or, if you need to, discuss how to do it with other members over the next few weeks. A wide selection of AV shows can be found on the web including https://archive.slideshowclub.com/. Ken Hocking is one of our experts and I believe he will if necessary give information when time permits during the next couple of meetings.

Photographic Opportunities

April 7th 2018: I have ten members so far for a trip to Bristol to take a look around the Wildlife Exhibition at the M Shed. We plan to hold this trip on Saturday April 7th leaving Bridgwater by train at 10.23 and returning either at 15.55 or 16.54 We can take advantage of group special reductions by booking in groups of three for just £6.75 each. Entry to the exhibition is £6 or £5 concessions which includes £1 donation to the Bristol Museum Charity (£5 or £4 without this added). Lunch will be at Za Za’s with the afternoon free for members to have a look around the dock and waterfront area. Please let me know if you are interested. Many members have already put their names forward via FaceBook, for those that don’t use FB please let me know be email s5555@btinternet.com. Link to exhibition https://www.bristolmuseums.org.uk/m-shed/whats-on/wildlife-photographer-of-the-year-2017/



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