Weekly Newsletter 2nd March

Hi BPS members,

At last week’s meeting Ralph Snook did another sterling job of judging our monthly competition: Prints – ‘Emotive Portrait’ Digital - ‘Breaking the Rules’. There was another excellent entry which included many different interpretations of the subjects. Ralph pointed out before commencing judging that he had paid particular attention to the subject matter when making his decision. This lead to many very high quality entries scoring poorly because they did not fit the subject in his opinion. In the print section it was great to see one of our newest members, Leigh Ann Van Aswegen, in first place with a very well deserved winning self-portrait (black eye included). Andy White and Jim Goddard came 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the digital competition Darren Hillman took the top award with Keith Perry in 2nd place and Jim Goddard once again in the 3rd spot.

February Winners

Matt Difford has been busy preparing a Gallery on our new website and has asked me to request that you provide 4/5 digital images each to start this gallery off. They can be any subject and can be entries already seen in our competitions or not, please watermark your image and set the size to 1400px x 1050px please. Send your images directly to Matt mattdifford@gmail.com

Next week

We hold our annual Critique Night [Print, DI & Smartphone]. You are asked to bring in any prints or digital images for members to discuss. This exercise can be very helpful improving your photography by listening to the opinions of fellow members and advice on camera settings and editing techniques. It may be helpful to members if you were to bring one of your monthly entries which didn’t receive the scores you expected.

Next month’s competition will be the final one of the year and we have the print subject ‘Diagonals’ and digital will be ‘Open’.

WCPF Members Exhibition

The regional WCPF Members’ Exhibition is open for entries until March 5th. . It is still possible to enter prints due the weather effecting the WCPF meeting this weekend. By arrangement you can take your prints to Tim Grimes at the Camera Shop in the High Street as he is our local rep and will take them to the WCPF meeting (I didn’t know that myself until Ralph mentioned it at our meeting last week). If you need any further advice please call or message me.

Future Events

Over the next month we are asking you all for a single digital image for our Annual Folio Competition. This should be something interesting, different, humorous or challenging that will be formally judged by competing members. It allows you to experience how it feels to judge images and then select your favourites, all culminating in a club evening on 1st May. This entry can be made on-line when Matt has set up the software to receive the entries.

On 10th April we have our AV competition. This is a short Audio-Visual presentation of images of your choice. It’s a different, often very enjoyable, way of sharing images or experiences. It’s time to start preparing your entry or, if you need to, discuss how to do it with other members over the next few weeks. A wide selection of AV shows can be found on the web including https://archive.slideshowclub.com/. Ken Hocking is one of our experts and I believe he will if necessary give information when time permits during the next couple of meetings.

Happy Snapping