Weekly Newsletter 21st February

Hi BPS members, I’m back at last!!!

Thanks to Martin for doing a brilliant job in my absence

Keith Spicer returned, as arranged, soon after judging our monthly competition. He explained, in great detail, methods of using Lightroom to edit competition entries. He demonstrated what he considered to be the best eight photo editing suites - his preference being “Capture 1”. I have never heard of it myself but it seems to do all that photoshop can achieve and more. After the break he gave us details and tips on what a judge looks for when judging. This resulted in the members present receiving some very good information on how to improve their chances of scoring high in competitions.

WCPF DPIC Competition report

Martin, Peter and I took a trip to Exeter last Sunday, primarily to see how we got on at our first attempt at the biggest digital completion in the Western Counties Region and also to analyse what type of images make the best entries when taking up this type of challenge. Needless to say we soon realised that certain styles of photography stood out. Following our next committee meeting we will go into greater detail and suggest how we will ask our members to contribute in future years.

Next week

We have Ralph Snook, who I believe to be one of the best judges and lecturers in our region here to judge our monthly competition. Prints - “Emotive Portrait” Digital - “Breaking the Rules”.

WCPF Members exhibition

The regional WCPF Members’ Exhibition is now open for entries. If you need my help please let me know asap because entries close on March 3rd. Entries must be submitted on line and prints have to be delivered to me so that I can arrange to pass them on. In fact it would be very helpful if your prints were brought to our meeting next Tuesday because I’m sure that Ralph Snook would take them on from there thus saving me the drive to Exeter.

Future Events

Tuesday 6th March sees an internal Critique Night [Print, DI & Smartphone], so start selecting some images for us to view, discuss and provide friendly constructive feedback.

Over the next month we are asking you all for a single digital image for our Annual Folio Competition. This should be something interesting, different, humorous or challenging that will be formally judged by competing members. It allows you to experience how it feels to judge images and then select your favourites, all culminating in a club evening on 1st May.

On 10th April we have our AV competition. This is a short Audio-Visual presentation of images of your choice. It’s a different, often very enjoyable, way of sharing images or experiences. It’s time to start preparing your entry or, if you need to, discuss how to do it with other members over the next few weeks. A wide selection of AV shows can be found on the web including (https://archive.slideshowclub.com/)[https://archive.slideshowclub.com/].

Reminder: Matt has added a software programme to our website which allows members to resize their digital images. They will be automatically be resized (to 1400px x 1050px) ready for use on our club’s laptop. Link to software (http://bwps.org.uk/resizer/)[http://bwps.org.uk/resizer/]

Happy Snapping