Weekly Newsletter 14th December

Hi BPS members.

I’m sure all who attended the annual Christmas meal enjoyed a great night in excellent company with top quality food. I’m sure you would all join me in thanking Aneka for arranging this event, well done Aneka, you have got the job for life. Also thanks to Ken for providing us with a really difficult quiz, least my team thought so (although we didn’t cheat like some of the other teams..lol)

Next week

Tuesday December 19th. I have organised a Beginners’ Evening. I have planned to hold it here at my home as there are only a few members involved and to save the expense of hiring the club room. I plan to include a few basic principles of photography and a session on Photoshop. Allison and Jim will also be here to help with the photoshop element. The members who are coming are welcome to bring their cameras and laptops, particularly if they don’t use Photoshop CC. Directions can be found in the email newsletter sent to members, or contact Brian.

Future Club Meeting and Competions I really like the look of our meetings in January! Sadly I will be missing for three weeks.

January 2nd 2018 - ABC competition will be PRINT only. We need to examine the images together, see if we can tell what the letter is and then vote for the three which we feel best fit the brief. It’s not really possible to do that if we include DI as well.

Also at this meeting we have another Smartphone Competition DIs only

January 9th - we have a visit from Keith Robins who is an expert in flash photography. I suggest you bring your camera and flash if you wish to have a personal word with him during the break or later in the meeting, I’ve seen Keith a couple of times before and if you are the sort that likes doing things on the cheap, he’s your man. A very clever chap!!

Ken will also need you to hand in your entries for the monthly and most challenging competition of the year when we ask you all to have a go at presenting an entry on the subject of ‘Altered Images’.

This will be my last newsletter for a couple of weeks, keep an eye open for posts on our FB group

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and healthy New Year