Weekly Newsletter 18th October

Hi BPS members.

Peter opened the meeting with a plea to members to take a look at the entry details before each months competition and do their utmost to complete each entry correctly. The handbook has now been added to the website here and I have added this to our FB group where all details can be found. Please ask any committee member for help if you are having problems understanding the guidelines.

The evening continued with a look at a presentation from Adrian Lines on Altered Realities. It certainly opened our eyes as to what is possible to create using Photoshop, but sadly no-one seemed happy with the standard of production of this very amateurish CD. I’m sure the committee will be complaining as we have to pay for the use of this.

Following the tea break we had another look at members’ mobile phone images. After running through the entries several times members were asked to vote for their three personal favourites. Another super image presented by Marcia Randle took top spot closely followed by Martin Barber who was awarded both 2nd and 3rd places. Check out our other post for copies of the winning entries.

Next Week’s Meeting: We have a return visit from John Tysley who judged this month’s competition. Hold on to your hats and cross your fingers. Whatever the results it’s very important to take note of John’s critique as he is one of the region’s top judges and his comments will help us to produce better photos in the future.

Reminder; On November 7th we have our annual Panel competition where you can enter panels of three or five related images as a print or digital image.

Events of Photographic Interest

November 4th. Carnival season is almost upon us and will those members who purchased grandstand seats at Bridgwater Carnival please be in their seats by 7.30.

November 6th. I will also be organising a group to go to Burnham Carnival as last year. If you are interested in travelling as a group please let me know.

Best wishes