Throughout the year, we will post updates including news for members, upcoming events and members’ achievements.

Weekly Newsletter 7th December

07 December 2017

Hi BPS members. This week saw us take part in the battle against Mid-Somerset and Yeovil. The report from Peter Owen was that there was...

Weekly Newsletter 1st December

01 December 2017

Hi BPS members. We are half way through our monthly competition season for 2017/18 and to date we have experienced a higher level of entries...

Weekly Newsletter 23rd November

23 November 2017

Hi BPS members. Despite the weather forecast being pretty poor a good sized group of members visited Bridgwater town centre in what turned out to...

Weekly Newsletter 16th November

16 November 2017

Hi BPS members. Sheila and John certainly gave us something to think about during a very thought-provoking presentation. John and Sheila alternated their contributions and...

Weekly Newsletter 8th November

08 November 2017

Hi BPS members. What a great panel competition we had, eight print entries and seventeen DIs which made for very tough competition in this annual...

Weekly Newsletter 1st November

01 November 2017

Hi BPS members. At this week’s meeting Peter presented us with “The Prime Imperative or Zoom with your Feet”. He explained the history of lens...

Weekly Newsletter 25th October

25 October 2017

Hi BPS members. What a night we had! We certainly put John under a lot of pressure as he had 50+ prints and almost as...

Smartphone Competition October 2017

18 October 2017

At our meeting on the 18th September, we held another competition for images taken using a smartphone. After running through the entries several times members...

Weekly Newsletter 18th October

18 October 2017

Hi BPS members. Peter opened the meeting with a plea to members to take a look at the entry details before each months competition and...

Weekly Newsletter 11th October

11 October 2017

We started the evening by paying tribute to Grace and wishing her a very happy 90th birthday. Many thanks to Aneka and those who contributed...

Weekly Newsletter 4th October

04 October 2017

Hi BPS members Members in attendance were treated to some inside information from John Tilsley. John is one of region’s top judges and photographers which...

Weekly Newsletter 27th September

27 September 2017

Hi BPS Members,

Weekly Newsletter 20th September

20 September 2017

Hi BPS Members, Peter kicked things off with a brief introduction to the competitions we are able to enter within the WCPF group this year....

Smartphone Competition

20 September 2017

At our meeting on the 19th September, we held a competition for images taken using a smartphone. This allowed our members without DSLRs to have...

Weekly Newsletter 14th September

14 September 2017

Hi BPS Members It was good to see our new members attend our meeting again this week - hang in there and we will do...

Welcome to our new website

07 September 2017

For the 2017/2018 season, we have given our website a facelift! We hope that the new website will be a source of relevant, up-to-date information...